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Ryan Hoelzl


Ryan Hoelzl embarked on his real estate journey 14 years ago and at the remarkable age of 22, he founded his own company, Burton & Ryan Property Agents. This entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed have been fundamental in shaping his career, allowing him to gain invaluable experience and establish himself as a prominent agent in the industry.

With a strong foundation built on early accomplishments, Ryan continues to
demonstrate an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Combined with his extensive experience, personal touch, and attention to detail, he consistently delivers exceptional results for his clients.

Ryan offers a distinct advantage to his clients by understanding the transformative power of renovations in maximising a property’s financial potential. Having personally purchased, renovated, and successfully sold five properties by the age of 30, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This hands-on experience empowers him to provide comprehensive advice to his clients, guiding them in identifying strategic improvements and renovation projects that have the potential to substantially increase the value of their homes.

In addition to his real estate prowess, Ryan has completed his MBA at the Executive Level. This academic background, combined with his practical experience, equips Ryan with a unique ability to provide comprehensive guidance to his clients. 

When he’s not assisting clients, Ryan is indulging in his passion for golf and spending time with his wife Monique and two young kids Valentina and Hudson.

If you’re wanting a Real Estate Agent who combines expertise, a personal touch, golf tips, and a keen eye for renovation potential, look no further than Ryan Hoelzl. Contact him today to discuss your property aspirations and discover how his comprehensive advice can help you add significant value to your home.

N.B. Rumour has it that his golf game has become the stuff of legends, leaving spectators in awe.